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ColdFusion Markup Format


Adobe Systems


Web Files





Details about the CFM file

Files with the CFM extension are characteristic of 3 operating systems and they are: Linux, Mac OS, Windows. The CFM extension was originally developed for the Adobe Creative Suite application. This is an application developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. The Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe ColdFusion, BlueDragon, Railo programs are also compatible with CFM files and can be used to open them.

CFM files fall under the Web Files category. 303 file types are given the CFM extension, but most often they are not compatible and you must use a different application to handle each of them. The ColdFusion Markup Format file format and the Adobe Creative Suite program were developed by Adobe Systems. Modification or reading of files with the name ColdFusion Markup Format in many cases is done in the Adobe Creative Suite program. CFM detailed description

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CFM File Extension

What is a(n) CFM file??

CFM file extension is a ColdFusion markup file that is used in ColdFusion Markup Language to create complex HTML-like layouts.

CFM can be opened in different ways like double clicking the file, opening it with Adobe Reader, or opening it with an online CFML editor.

ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) is a markup language for creating interactive web pages, similar to HTML or XML. CFML uses tags and attributes defined in the CFML specification to describe its semantics.

CFM File Tools

What tools you can use?

We present some basic free online tools that work with CFM. With their help you will be able to perform many operations on CFM files. You will be able to open, preview, edit or convert your CFM file.

CFM File Opener

One of the most used tools is CFM opener. Here you will find a way to open your unknown CFM file. Opening the CFM file allows you not only to view its contents, but also to perform various processes and changes to the file.

CFM File Viewer

CFM Viewer is a type of tool that will allow you to preview the content of a CFM file online, without installing any specialized software. Go to the subpage, select your CFM file you want to view and our tool will show you what the file contains

CFM File Converter

You can always try to convert the CFM file if you have problems with any operations. The CFM file converted to the new format may have more options for editing or processing the data contained in it.

CFM File Editor

CFM editor helps in the process of editing the data in our file. Sometimes you need to be able to fully edit the contents of the CFM file, in which case you may need to install dedicated software. On the editor page you will find all the information you need to edit the CFM file.



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