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Information about the TIFF file extension

Files with the TIFF extension are characteristic of 3 operating systems and they are: Linux, Mac OS, Windows. Adobe Creative Suite is a very common application as a tool for handling TIFF files. This is an application developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. In addition, the CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Windows Photos, Windows Photo Viewer programs can be used to open files with the TIFF extension.

TIFF files fall under the Raster Image Files category. 522 file types are given the TIFF extension, but most often they are not compatible and you must use a different application to handle each of them. The format of this particular Tagged Image Format file was developed by Adobe Systems. This particular Tagged Image Format file was most likely generated by the Adobe Creative Suite program. TIFF detailed description

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TIFF File Extension

What is a(n) TIFF file??

The TIFF file format is a lossless-compressed image format developed by Aldus for publishing images.

TIFF files are usually created by photographers or graphic artists, and can be viewed with a variety of utilities. The TIFF file format includes support for different resolutions, color spaces, and color models.

The Tagged Image File Format can store a number of different bitmap-image formats within the same container file. To read a TIFF file, you have to have an appropriate reader application installed on your computer system.

TIFF File Tools

What tools are available?

We present some basic free online tools that work with TIFF. They will help you use your TIFF file in the way you want. For example, these tools will help you convert or edit your TIFF file.

TIFF File Opener

TIFF opener is one of the most used tools. Here you will find a way to open your unknown TIFF file. Opening the TIFF file is just the beginning. Other file operations can be the next step.

TIFF File Viewer

The TIFF Viwer tool helps to preview the contents of a file without the need to install dedicated software. Click on the subpage and use the form to select the file. Then our Tool will show you the contents of the file.

TIFF File Converter

You can always try to convert the TIFF file if you have problems with any operations. Converting the TIFF file will give you more options for editing the data in the file.

TIFF File Editor

TIFF editor allows you to edit the data contained in the file. If you need to be able to edit the TIFF file as much as possible, then it is best to install special software designed for this purpose. On the editor page you will find all the information you need to edit the TIFF file.



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