Code::Blocks overview

Code::Blocks supports various file extensions. It can be used to open, edit or even convert files in various formats. The file extensions listed below are used by Code::Blocks. Code::Blocks is designed to work with the above file extensions, so if you want to work with them you should consider installing it on your system.

What information about Code::Blocks do you need?


1. Extensions supported by Code::Blocks

Files that work with Code::Blocks. The files listed below are not always the formats you can edit with Code::Blocks. It can only be a configuration file, not editable. Go to the file extension to learn more about it.

2. Do you want to download Code::Blocks?

The most secure solution - the website of the creator of Code::Blocks. There may be times when you do not find the installation files there. You will surely find information about the place where you can safely download them. Downloading and installing Code::Blocks from untrusted sources may result in malware infecting your device.

Developer's website

Go to Code::Blocks developer website


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