LibreOffice overview

LibreOffice is a utility that allows you to work with several file extensions. It allows you to perform various actions with files, e.g. open, edit or convert a file in a given format. The file extensions listed below are used by LibreOffice. The LibreOffice software is dedicated to handling these file types, so to be able to work with them fully, you should install it.

What information about LibreOffice do you need?


1. Extensions supported by LibreOffice

Files that work with LibreOffice. Remember that it is not a rule that you will be able to edit all the files mentioned with the help of LibreOffice. It happens that these are files that contain only data for the configuration of the LibreOffice software. Click on a given file extension for additional information.

2. Do you want to download LibreOffice?

The most secure solution - the website of the creator of LibreOffice. Not every manufacturer provides software installers on their website, but they always advise where to download them safely. If you use an untrusted source, you may become infected with a virus.

Developer's website

Go to LibreOffice developer website

3. Files that LibreOffice can convert

A list of files that LibreOffice can convert to another format Install LibreOffice and save the file in a different target format. Click on the link and get detailed information on the conversion process.


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