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Lotus Organizer overview

Lotus Organizer is a utility that allows you to work with several file extensions. Its task is to use various file-based processes, such as converting or opening and editing. Below is a list of file extensions that Lotus Organizer supports. Lotus Organizer is designed to work with the above file extensions, so if you want to work with them you should consider installing it on your system.

What information about Lotus Organizer do you need?

Lotus Organizer

1. File formats supported by the Lotus Organizer software

File types which can be supported by Lotus Organizer. The files listed below are not always the formats you can edit with Lotus Organizer. Sometimes it may be a file containing settings for software that you are not editing. Click on a given file extension for additional information.

2. A safe place to download Lotus Organizer

The most secure solution - the website of the creator of Lotus Organizer. Not every manufacturer provides software installers on their website, but they always advise where to download them safely. Using unreliable sources can download viruses or other malicious software.

Developer's website

Go to Lotus Organizer developer website


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