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Offline Explorer overview

Offline Explorer supports various file extensions. It allows you to perform various actions with files, e.g. open, edit or convert a file in a given format. Below is a list of file extensions that Offline Explorer supports. The Offline Explorer software is dedicated to handling these file types, so to be able to work with them fully, you should install it.

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Offline Explorer

1. File extensions supported by Offline Explorer

Files that work with Offline Explorer. The files listed below are not always the formats you can edit with Offline Explorer. It can only be a configuration file, not editable. Click on a given file extension for additional information.

2. A safe place to download Offline Explorer

The most secure solution - the website of the creator of Offline Explorer. You will not always find direct links to the application there, but you will certainly get information about the most trusted sources for downloading the file indicated by the manufacturer. Using unreliable sources can download viruses or other malicious software.

Developer's website

Go to Offline Explorer developer website


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