PRISON File Extension

File Type

Prison Architect Saved Game


Introversion Software


Game Files





Information about the PRISON file extension

Files with the PRISON extension are characteristic of 1 operating systems and they are: Windows. Prison Architect Editor is a very common application as a tool for handling PRISON files. This is an application developed by . The Prison Architect programs are also compatible with PRISON files and can be used to open them.

PRISON files fall under the Game Files category. The PRISON file extension can also be found in 1509 in other file types and may not be supported by Prison Architect Editor or similar programs. The Prison Architect Saved Game file format and the Prison Architect Editor program were developed by Introversion Software. This particular Prison Architect Saved Game file was most likely generated by the Prison Architect Editor program.

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PRISON File Extension

PRISON File Tools

What tools you can use?

Here are the most important online tools related to PRISON. With their help you will be able to perform many operations on PRISON files. You can easily convert the file, preview its contents, or open and edit any PRISON file.

PRISON File Opener

One of the most used tools is PRISON opener. Here's how to easily open your PRISON file. If you already open the PRISON file, you will have more options to work with the file.

PRISON File Viewer

To view the contents of the PRISON file use the PRISON Viewer tool instead of installing special software. Click on the subpage and use the form to select the file. Then our Tool will show you the contents of the file.

PRISON File Converter

Try to convert the PRISON file to a different format if problems arise while working with the PRISON file. Converting the PRISON file will give you more options for editing the data in the file.

PRISON File Editor

PRISON editor helps in the process of editing the data in our file. Sometimes you need to be able to fully edit the contents of the PRISON file, in which case you may need to install dedicated software. Go to our editor to learn more about editing the PRISON file.



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