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Basic information about the R file

Files with the R extension are characteristic of 1 operating systems and they are: Mac OS. BBEdit is a very common application as a tool for handling R files. This is a program taken by Bare Bones Software. The Apple Xcode programs are also compatible with R files and can be used to open them.

The structure of such files is typical of Developer Files. Files of a different type with the extension R can be encountered on various operating systems, and their number is 1205. Rez Source Code Format is a file whose format was originally developed for the BBEdit application by Apple. This particular Rez Source Code Format file was most likely generated by the BBEdit program. R detailed description

Tools that you can use to work with R files

R File Extension

What is a(n) R file??

R is a programming language and computing environment designed for statistical computing and graphics. R can process a wide variety of data types including text, vectors, matrices, arrays, and data frames.

The .R file extension is a file extension that can be used to open an R source code file. This text file contains the source code of the program that will be run when you open it.

R File Tools

What tools are we dealing with?

We provide some of the most important tools for working with the R file. Through them, you can perform many activities related to R for free. You can easily convert the file, preview its contents, or open and edit any R file.

R File Opener

One of the most used tools is R opener. Here's how to easily open your R file. Opening the R file is just the beginning. Other file operations can be the next step.

R File Viewer

To view the contents of the R file use the R Viewer tool instead of installing special software. Go to the subpage, select your R file you want to view and our tool will show you what the file contains

R File Converter

You can always try to convert the R file if you have problems with any operations. The R file converted to the new format may have more options for editing or processing the data contained in it.

R File Editor

R editor allows you to edit the data contained in the file. If you need to be able to edit the R file as much as possible, then it is best to install special software designed for this purpose. Check out our R file editor page and learn about the possibilities



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