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How to open DKB file?

DKB File Opener

DKB Opener is a type of software that can open a file with the extension DKB. Usually, there are also additional options. The first thing you should check is that you have the software to handle the DKB file installed. After clicking, your DKB file should open in the program that is assigned as default for handling DKB files on your device. However, the problem is not always solved so quickly. Follow the steps of the instructions below to try to solve it.

Open DKB files in 9 steps

If the user comes across a file named DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics, but is unable to open it, the first thing to do is to take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the operating system where you are trying to open the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file is supported by it. Files with the DKB extension may not be supported by the operating system you are using.
  2. No default application in the system or will prevent you from opening DKB files. If there is no application that supports files with the extension DKB, it should be downloaded and installed on the system.
  3. Verify that the default application for handling DKB files is one of the following software tools: , . If not, open the dialog box with the properties of the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file and use the "Change" button on the "General" tab. On the list, search for one of the , applications and confirm.
  4. Software programs that open DKB file extension

  5. If the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file has been downloaded from the Internet or copied from another medium, it may be corrupt. In this case, although one of the , programs is installed, the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file cannot be opened. If possible, you can try to open the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file directly from its source.
  6. In case the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file is infected, the anti-virus program will prevent it from being opened. Such a situation should not be underestimated and such a file should be deleted or moved to quarantine, and the entire system should be scanned.
  7. Check that the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file format is not outdated. Sometimes it happens that despite the DKB extension, such files contain data saved in a way that prevents them from being opened by or .
  8. To open the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file, the current version of the program in which we want to open it is required. Check the app for up-to-date information and, if necessary, install the latest version.
  9. Make sure that the icon representing the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file is not a shortcut to the location where this file is not present.
  10. The inability to open the DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics file may be due to restrictions imposed on the user by the system administrator.

Useful tools

You've followed the instructions above and still haven't opened your DKB file? In this case, you can use the solutions offered by various websites. The list below presents web pages that specialize in opening DKB files.


Free Online File Open Service


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