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DirectDraw Surface




Raster Image Files





Basic information about the DDS file

DDS is the extension given to files that are used in 4 operating systems such as: , Linux, Mac OS, Windows. Orbiter is a very common application as a tool for handling DDS files. The developer of this program is Martin Schweiger. Additionally, DDS files can be handled by applications like XnView, NVIDIA Texture Tools, NVIDIA DDS Thumbnail Viewer, Paint.NET.

The structure of such files is typical of Raster Image Files. The DDS file extension can also be found in 522 in other file types and may not be supported by Orbiter or similar programs. The DirectDraw Surface file format and the Orbiter program were developed by Microsoft. Modification or reading of files with the name DirectDraw Surface in many cases is done in the Orbiter program. DDS detailed description

Tools that you can use to work with DDS files

DDS File Extension

What is a(n) DDS file??

DDS files are a type of 3D file format. It is a file extension for a DirectDraw Surface, which is used by Microsoft DirectX version 8.1 and earlier for 3D graphics rendering.

A DDS file extension is used on some types of graphic files, such as textures. A DDS file can be opened with the DirectDraw Surface Viewer program that is bundled with Windows Vista and Windows 7 or Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10 or 11 that runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

DDS File Tools

What tools you can use?

We present some basic free online tools that work with DDS. They will help you use your DDS file in the way you want. You will be able to open, preview, edit or convert your DDS file.

DDS File Opener

DDS opener is a very popular tool among our users. Here you will find a way to open your unknown DDS file. Opening the DDS file allows you not only to view its contents, but also to perform various processes and changes to the file.

DDS File Viewer

To view the contents of the DDS file use the DDS Viewer tool instead of installing special software. Click on the subpage and use the form to select the file. Then our Tool will show you the contents of the file.

DDS File Converter

Try to convert the DDS file to a different format if problems arise while working with the DDS file. The DDS file converted to the new format may have more options for editing or processing the data contained in it.

DDS File Editor

DDS editor helps in the process of editing the data in our file. It may happen that you will not have the full edit option and you will need to install software dedicated to making changes to the DDS file. On the editor page you will find all the information you need to edit the DDS file.



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