Preview overview

Several different file formats work with Preview. It can be used to open, edit or even convert files in various formats. Below is a list of all extensions that are used by Preview The Preview software is dedicated to handling these file types, so to be able to work with them fully, you should install it.

What information about the Preview software do you need?


1. File extensions supported by Preview

Files that work with Preview. Remember that it is not a rule that you will be able to edit all the files mentioned with the help of Preview. Sometimes it may be a file containing settings for software that you are not editing. Go to the subpage of the selected extension to get more information about it.

2. A safe place to download Preview

The most secure solution - the website of the creator of Preview. You will not always find direct links to the application there, but you will certainly get information about the most trusted sources for downloading the file indicated by the manufacturer. If you use an untrusted source, you may become infected with a virus.

Developer's website

Go to Preview developer website

3. Extensions you can convert from Preview

Below you will find a list of file formats that you can convert with the help of Preview. You just need to install the software, open the file in one of the formats and save in another, destination. You can also go to the subpage of any of the listed conversions to learn about the detailed process and obtain additional information.


Preview download About Preview Extensions supported by Preview Preview for free


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