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How to open DRV file?

DRV File Opener

A DRV Opener is a computer program or application that supports DRV files and can open their contents. The first thing you should do is double-click the DRV file icon you want to open. If you have the correct software your problem should be resolved. After clicking on the DRV file icon, the operating system should open its content with the associated software. However, if an error occurred while opening the file, you can try to fix it by following the instructions below in turn.

Open DRV files in 9 steps

The following recommendations and steps will help you open the Device Driver file in case you cannot do it in the standard way:

  1. Make sure that the operating system where you are trying to open the Device Driver file is supported by it. Files with the DRV extension may not be supported by the operating system you are using.
  2. Make sure that the default application for the files DRV, Microsoft Windows or one of the following is installed in the operating system. The solution to this problem is to install the appropriate software that supports files with the extension DRV.
  3. Make sure that one of the Microsoft Windows, programs is the default application for opening DRV files in the system. If this is not the case, the DRV files should be associated with the appropriate application by displaying the properties of the Device Driver file and in the "File type" section, press the "Change" button. On the list, search for one of the Microsoft Windows, applications and confirm.
  4. Software programs that open DRV file extension

  5. If the Device Driver file has been downloaded from the Internet or copied from another medium, it may be corrupt. In this case, the Microsoft Windows, programs will not be able to open the Device Driver file despite their presence in the system. Re-downloading or copying the file may fix the problem.
  6. If it turns out that the Device Driver file contains a virus, it will usually be impossible to open it. Such a situation should not be underestimated and such a file should be deleted or moved to quarantine, and the entire system should be scanned.
  7. Check that the Device Driver file format is not outdated. In this case, you may find that the newer version of the application does not support this older format.
  8. To open the Device Driver file, the current version of the program in which we want to open it is required. Determine the version of your program and, if necessary, install the latest one.
  9. Make sure that the icon representing the Device Driver file is not a shortcut to the location where this file is not present.
  10. The reason that prevents the opening of a given file may be administrative restrictions defined to protect the system by its administrator.

Useful tools

If, after performing the above steps, you still have problems opening the DRV file, you can try using some tools available on the web. At the bottom you will find tools that are dedicated to opening DRV files.


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